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Telling Industries is a Leading Manufacturer
of Premium Framing Products.

If You’re Going to Build…BuildStrong™


TELLING® Industries is a full line manufacturer of premium metal framing and accessories.

We are continually adding new and exciting product lines to better service our customers.
We are actively shipping products nationwide and exporting worldwide through distribution partners.

What we do.

We manufacture Premium Metal Framing and Accessories.
We focus on the structure of construction, adding strength and durability to buildings.

Why choose us.

Telling has a history of consistently manufacturing to the highest industry standards. We help you build to the highest quality, build on time, build smart, build green and build right.
build quality

A Stringent Quality Assurance System from Coil to Stud Ensures that When You Build with Telling You BUILD QUALITY.

Build on Time

With Internal Logistics Coordination and a Dedicated Fleet of Trucks, Telling Helps You BUILD ON TIME.

Build smart

The Telling Engineering Consultant Group Provides Quoted Services that Help Architects and Structural Engineers BUILD SMART.

Build green

Telling Metal Products are Manufactured to Meet or Exceed LEED Criteria for Recycled Content. Build with Telling, BUILD GREEN.

Build right

Telling is Focused on Maintaining Industry Standards.  Build with Telling, BUILD RIGHT.