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Cold-Rolled Channel (U-Channel)



  • Available in galvanized steel meeting ASTM A1003 or hot-dipped galvanized steel meeting ASTM A653, G60.
  • Lengths: 16’ stock length. (Other lengths available)
  • Bridging, (lateral support) in walls carrying axial and/or wind loads.
  • Bracing studs at door bucks and furring for ceilings.
  • Used in conjunction with metal lath and plaster in partitions, ceilings, column and
    beam enclosures, etc.
  • AISI North American Specification [NASPEC] S100-07 with 2010 supplement.
  • IBC 2006, 2009 & 2012 Compliant
  • Member of the Steel Framing Industry Association

A versatile product commonly used as stiffeners in metal framing systems. Can also be used in suspended ceilings, furring applications, and both load and non-load bearing walls to help resist twisting of the wall studs.