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True-Brace – Coming Soon!

Introducing True-Brace, a New Product Innovation from Telling Industries

True-Brace is used as mechanical bridging for studs. Typically, U-Channel or CRC, is attached to studs via clips or a weld to eliminate stud rotation and minor axis bending under wind or axial loads. 1-1/2” True-Brace is passed through the stud knockout and snapped securely into place with Telling’s patented technology saving valuable time and money.

True-Brace features an innovative, highly engineered design that securely locks the True-Brace into the stud slot hole without the need for clips or welding for most non-structural applications.

• Made of Galvanized Steel
• Highly Engineered for Secure Fit in Stud Knockout
• True-Brace Locks into The Stud Without Clips or Welding
• Notches Every 4” to Accommodate 12”, 16”, 24” OC Stud Spacing
• Lengths: 52” stock length. (Other lengths available in 4” increments).

• Reduces Installation Time
• 10% Savings on Material and Labor Costs
• No Clips or Welding Required for Most Applications
• Easy Installation Due to Patented Design

• Available in galvanized steel meeting ASTM A-1003 or hot-dipped galvanized steel meeting
ASTM A-653, G60.

• Bridging, (lateral support) in walls carrying axial and/or wind loads.
• Bracing studs at door bucks and furring for ceilings.
• Used in conjunction with metal lath and plaster in partitions, ceilings, column and beam enclosures, etc.
• Clips are not required for many non-load bearing applications.