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1-866-FRAME-TI (866- 372-6384)

Exterior Slotted Track





True-Action™Slotted Track is the industry preferred system for achieving head-of-wall deflection and fire resistance for interior and exterior walls. It meets movement and cycling requirements for ANSI/UL 2079 and is UL Classified for 1, 2, 3, and 4 hour fire-resistant ratings in head-of-wall fire-rated joint systems.

  • AISI North American Specification [NASPEC] S100-07 with 2010 supplement.
  • IBC 2006, 2009 & 2012 Compliant
  • Gross properties are based on the full section away from flange slots.
  • Net area is based on the section through the flange slots.
  • Weight is nominal weight of the gross section, not reduced for flange slots.
  • For effective flange widths, the compression flange (before local buckling) is taken as the portion of
    the flange between the web and the slot (the slot and any steel beyond the slot is considered absent).
  • The tension flange is taken as the net flange at the slots.
  • Cold-work of forming has not been considered for effective properties.
  • Multiple UL Head of Wall Deflection System Ratings

UL Rated Designs True-Action Slotted Track framing members for use in Joint System Numbers

HW-D-0003 HW-D-0016 HW-D-0020 HW-D-0021 HW-D-0024 HW-D-0025 HW-D-0029 HW-D-0031 HW-D-0034
HW-D-0036 HW-D-0042 HW-D-0043 HW-D-0044 HW-D-0045 HW-D-0046 HW-D-0047 HW-D-0048 HW-D-0049
HW-D-0054 HW-D-0062 HW-D-0063 HW-D-0067 HW-D-0068 HW-D-0069 HW-D-0071 HW-D-0072 HW-D-0073
HW-D-0076 HW-D-0077 HW-D-0082 HW-D-0083 HW-D-0084 HW-D-0085 HW-D-0087 HW-D-0088 HW-D-0089
HW-D-0091 HW-D-0099 HW-D-0101 HW-D-0102 HW-D-0106 HW-D-0107 HW-D-0108 HW-D-0111 HW-D-0134
HW-D-0136 HW-D-0137 HW-D-0144 HW-D-0146 HW-D-0152 HW-D-0154 HW-D-0160 HW-D-0162 HW-D-0167
HW-D-0170 HW-D-0173 HW-D-0183 HW-D-0184 HW-D-0185 HW-D-0186 HW-D-0190 HW-D-0193 HW-D-0194
HW-D-0195 HW-D-0205 HW-D-0210 HW-D-0217 HW-D-0218 HW-D-0241 HW-D-0242 HW-D-0243 HW-D-0246
HW-D-0259 HW-D-0260 HW-D-0263 HW-D-0265 HW-D-0271 HW-D-0272 HW-D-0275 HW-D-0277 HW-D-0278
HW-D-0293 HW-D-0313 HW-D-0322 HW-D-0341 HW-D-0420 HW-D-0421 HW-D-0453 HW-D-0455 HW-D-0461
HW-D-0462 HW-D-0463 HW-D-0467 HW-D-0468 HW-D-0475 HW-D-0476 HW-D-0477 HW-D-0480 HW-D-0485
HW-D-0486 HW-D-0517 HW-D-0532 HW-D-0541 HW-D-0542 HW-D-0548 HW-D-0549 HW-D-0564 HW-D-0569
HW-D-0570 HW-D0571 HW-D-0572
  • Fire-rated deflection system
  • UL Classified in over 80 approved fire-rated systems
  • Standard Slotted Track allows up to 1½” of vertical movement
  • Custom shapes and slot sizes available
  • Custom widths and thicknesses available
  • Positive attachment provided for wall strength
  • Absorbs head-of-wall and floor extension or compression movement
  • Integrated with traditional wall systems
  • Easy installation reduces labor costs