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Supreme Deep Leg Track

Supreme Deep Leg track can be utilized at the top of a wall to allow for deflection and movement.  This is achieved by leaving a gap between the end of the stud and the track without mechanically fastening the stud to the track to allow up or down movement.  Bridging is often required within 12” from the top of the stud to retain it in position and provide rotational restraint.  Deep leg track is preferred to provide the desired gap, capture the top of the stud, and allow for construction tolerance.

Installation of the Supreme Stud Drywall Framing System is per engineered shop drawings or IAPMO Report UES-0313.

RC-1 Installation Instructions

Supreme is Certified
All inspections and testing for the Supreme Steel Framing System Association (SSFSA) are provided by a third-party certification agency where products are required to be audited to ensure consistent quality and compliance to ASTM C645, C955, IBC Codes, and AISI Sl00-07 standards.

Stud and track products must be tested on an unannounced 3rd party audit visit for coating weight, metal thickness and yield strength. The dimensional properties are also measured. All requirements must be satisfied in order to be certified code compliant. All members of the SSFSA must satisfy the requirements each time they are audited.

All certified Supreme Steel products are marked to show that it is third-party certified. The markings may be located on bundles or each framing member. The third-party certification marking guarantees to the contractor and owner that materials are high quality and code compliant.

  • 2018, 2015, 2012 & 2009 International Building Code® (IBC)
  • 2018, 2015 & 2012 International Residential  Code®  (IRC)
  • 2017 Florida Building Code, Building (FBC Building)
  • 2017 Florida Building Code, Residential (FBC Residential)
  • Multiple UL approved fire-rated assemblies
  • SFIA Certified (Steel Framing Industry Association)
  • Excellent acoustical performance validated by independent 3rd party testing
  • 57 ksi steel reduces screw stripping
  • Fastens with sharp point screws (D25, D20 and 30EQD)
  • Wider flanges available for screw placement
  • Custom Press Brake Shapes
LEED Credits
MR Credit - Building product disclosure and
optimization - Environmental product
declarations (1 point).

MR Credit - Building product disclosure and
optimization sourcing of raw materials
(1 point).

MR Credit - Construction and demolition waste
management (Up to 2 points).

In Credit: Innovation (up to 2 points).
Independent Product Certification

Code Compliance - ICC Evaluation Services, LLC
 - IAPMO Report UES-0313

Fire Testing - Underwriters Laboratories, Inc.
UL 263 – Standard for Fire Tests of Building
Construction and Materials

Wall Designs in the UL Fire Resistance Directory:
V438, V486, V496, V498, U411, U412, U419, U435, U465, U493

Sound Ratings - Riverbank Acoustical Laboratories
Acoustic Data - Supreme tested assemblies
Third-Party Testing - Intertek/Architectural Testing Inc. (ATI)

Structural Testing - STAR Laboratories

Structural Engineer - DEVCO Engineering

Code Approvals, Performance Standards and Product Certifications

AISI’s “North American Specification for the Design of Cold-formed Steel Structural Members”.

ASTM International:
A653 - Standard Specification for Steel Sheet, Zinc-Coated
(Galvanized) by the Hot-Dip Process.

Al003 - Standard Specification for Steel Sheet, Carbon, and Metallic-Coated for Cold-Formed Framing Members.

C645 - Standard Specification for Non-Structural Steel Framing Members.

C754 - Standard Specification for Installation of Steel Framing Members to Receive Screw-Attached Gypsum Panel Products.

C955 - Standard Specification for Load-Bearing.
(Transverse and Axial) Steel Studs, Runners (Tracks), and Bracing or Bridging for Screw Application of Gypsum Panel Products and Metal Plaster Bases.

C1007 - Standard Specification for Installation of Load Bearing (Transverse and Axial) Steel Studs and Related Accessories.

E72 - Standard Test Methods of Conducting Strength Tests of Panels for Building Construction.

E90 - Standard Test Method for Laboratory Measurement of Airborne Sound Transmission Loss of Building Partitions and Elements.

E119 - Standard Test Methods for Fire Tests of Building Construction and Materials.

The Supreme Framing System offers all the benefits of traditional flat steel studs and track. It consists of high strength metal framing with a design that achieves equal or better performance by using superior 57 ksi yield strength and thinner steel.

The Supreme framing system is interchangeable with traditional framing components, with the same installation techniques as traditional framing components. No extra training or special fasteners are required for installation.   The Supreme Framing System from TELLING is available in a variety of web sizes, flange sizes, gauges, roll form profiles, and custom lengths.  Our Supreme stud & track, are knurled on the flanges. The knurling is designed to prevent screws from walking during wall board attachment for faster installation. TELLING and Supreme have the right framing for the job to meet all your metal framing needs.