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Steel Vs. Wood

Fire ProofYesNo
Insect Proof (ants, termites etc)YesNo
Will not MoldYesNo
Won’t grow FungusYesNo
No RottingYesNo
No VOC’s (volatile organic compounds)YesNo
Lightweight- Easy to HandleYesNo
Lightweight- Cheaper to ship/Linear footYesNo
Superior Strength-to-Weight RatioYesNo
Consistent dimensionsYesNo
Cut-to-Length to reduce ScrapYesNo
Product of choice in Hurricane and Earthquake zonesYesNo
Produces consistently square corners and straight wallsYesNo
Will not change shape after ManufacturingYesNo
Does not have KnotsYesNo
Will not Swell, Warp, Twist or SplitYesNo
Available pre-punched for Electrical, Plumbing and other trades.YesNo
Very low impact on the worlds natural forest habitats and wildlifeYesNo
Primarily made from Recycled MaterialsYesNo
Easily RecycledYesNo
Easily qulaifies for LEED MR4 CreditsYesNo
Saves $$ on Builders Insurance RatesYesNo
Saves $$ on Owners Insurance RatesYesNo
Estimated ScrapAprox 2%Aprox 20%